25 Ideas to Start a Business and Produce Income

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25 Ideas to Start a Business and Produce Income

I was very inspired by a post by Nappy4life on Instagram entitled “Ten ways a man can start a business to support his family”. I thought this was a great idea for a blog post. I asked people what kinds of businesses someone could start to support their family. I really liked a lot of the responses and added them here too. Many of these require little resources or resources you may already have! Use these ideas to jump start yourself starting a business. It won’t be easy but any one can start a business and build income. Just think of a need, utilize your skills and do your research. Good Luck!!!

1) Rent Rooms or Vehicle
2) Tutor
3) Housekeeper
4) Sewing
5) Childcare
6) Catering/ Cook
7) Blog
8) Handy Man or women
9) Barber/ Beautician
10) Nail Artist
11) Writer
12) Lawn Mower
13) Snow plow/ Rake leaves
14) Pool Cleaner
15) Host House Parties
16) Street Team/ Marketing
17) Adult Sitter
18) Carpenter
19) Assisting with taxes
20) Wedding Planner
21) Landscaping
22) Bookkeeping
23) Accountant
24) Assistant
25) Concierge

If you have any other ideas please add them in the comments below. Also I would appreciate it if all my business owners will fill out my form here. I am making a directory of black businesses around the world to eventually share with everyone.

Find, Build, Assist, and Prosper,


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